“Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time.” ~ Margaret Bonnano, Author


The long hours, the heavy caseload, the lack of free time, and the nagging feeling you never have time to work ON your business because you’re spinning your wheels trying to stay afloat.

You feel like your efforts aren’t reflected in your paycheck and you don’t know how to recoup the loss of important time in your personal life.

You feel like you’re always sacrificing more and more, and you

“How much do I really have left to give?”

How would your life be different if you could:

Have the flexibility to hire the right people to help take on some of the workload, instead of pushing yourself to the breaking point trying to handle it alone

Establish firm boundaries around your personal time so you can protect what matters most- moments spent with family and friends AWAY from the emails, the client calls, and the paperwork.

Structure your business to support the flexibility you really want, instead of being terrified it all falls apart the moment you step away.

Why Women Law Firm Owners?

What if wealth-generating women-led firms were the norm…and yours was one of the most successful in your area?

Here are some stats I’m determined to shift:

88% of women-owned businesses generate less than $100,000 in revenue.
And only 1.7% of those women-owned businesses generate more than $1million.

For women in law? It’s worse.

In the United States, a whopping 52.1% of lawyers are women. (MORE than half!)
Yet, they are only around 23% of equity partners in U.S. law firms.

Women lawyers often are mistaken for court reporters or are viewed as “too young” or “too old” to be a competent lawyer.

The legal industry needs a paradigm shift! Let’s make wealth-generating, women-led law firms the rule, not the exception!

What’s In The Way?

Many women report they want to successfully run their own law firms. But, there seem to be too many barriers to scaling.

For example:

Homework. They take on the lion’s share of responsibilities at home and see scaling as an added stressor.

Child rearing. They have young kids and don’t want to miss out on the formative years of their children’s lives.

Other Sacrifices. They’ve already worked twice as hard as most of their male peers to get 1/2 the credit and are done sacrificing their health and sanity to keep climbing to the top.

The thought of scaling a law firm can feel like another burden.

Can you relate?

Reasonably, many women law firm owners conclude they must lighten the load by lowering their potential income.

The pervasive thought: do less, make less.

They lower the bar, accept fewer cases (and less $$), and stay solo, thinking that’s the only way to reduce stress around their business and in their lives.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

We show you there is another way.

What Happens Instead…

Most new law firm owners work 100+ hours but the paycheck doesn’t match the effort.

It’s like this:

The relentless pace that got you here is NOT the key to scaling to a sustainable six- or seven-figure law firm.

A sustainable business environment makes you excited to go to work every day.

You can grow your revenue without further straining yourself.

That unmatched capacity to work hard, your uncanny ability to adapt to most stressful situations, the rush from pulling all-nighters and exceeding the work ethic of most people around you?

That’s how most of us survived law school!

That’s the lifestyle of a lawyer most of us were warned about (but didn’t truly believe until it happened to us).

Time To Redefine The Lifestyle Of A Law Firm Owner

You already know how to think like a lawyer.

In the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League, I show you how to think and operate like a CEO of a profitable, sustainable law firm business that won’t grind you down as you scale up.

You’ll step into the role of a true visionary.

You’ll increase your capacity to think and play BIG.

You’ll know how to talk numbers and make strategic moves.

You’ll exude the kind of confidence that inspires others to invest in you.

You’ll understand the nuances of leadership and building a really strong team.

All of the above is ESSENTIAL to bringing in the kind of revenue that frees up more spaciousness in your life.

Small is OUT, ALL is in!

Introducing The Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League

Create a wealth-generating law firm that runs itself, not YOU

You already know how to think like a lawyer but NOW it’s time to think and operate your business like a CEO who has full confidence they can build a profitable, sustainable business that won’t chew you up and spit you out.

"I would give 10+ Stars if I could."

“I highly recommend Wealthy Woman Lawyer. I honestly had a “decent” firm before hiring her. However, her tips and guidance and everything I have learned during her modules has helped me make the mental shift to have a $1M+ Law Firm. Every time I talk with her during a session or listen to one of her Wealthy Woman Lawyer Modules, I leave with an “Aha!” Moment and I am able to apply what I am learning. I also learn from the Wealthy Woman League which is holding me accountable for applying all that I am learning. I feel like my future is brighter having gone through the program and highly recommend it without any hesitation. If you’re on the fence, just do it, and you will thank me later. Thanks for all you do, Davina & Wealthy Woman Lawyer!”

Business Law, Church Law, Employment Law, Civil Litigation

“More than doubled my firm’s revenue.”

“We more than doubled (almost tripled) my firm’s revenue since before I started working with Davina. She is very business savvy and knows how to help you over any roadblocks. I recommend her without reservation.”

Practice Areas: Family, Estate Planning, Landlord/Tenant

See Yourself Running a Wealth-Generating Women-Led Law Firm

A law firm that gives back to your life, rather than putting never ending demands on you.

A business model that supports the flexibility you crave, rather than resembling a needy “baby” starved for attention. (No more: “My business is my baby! Now, your business will be a well-oiled, wealth-generating machine.)

A generous revenue stream that opens up more freedom to choose how you want to live, rather than barely bringing in enough to justify staying in business.

This Looks like…

The flexibility to hire the right people to help you achieve your $1M dream.

The choice to establish boundaries around your time so you can do exactly what pleases YOU (including luxurious vacations, time with family and friends, or time spent simply doing nothing).

The freedom to choose your clients and cases so you never again have to ignore red flags just because you “need the money.”

​The power to invest in your future and the futures of those you love.


What got you here now will not get you to that next level.

Here’s what will…

Discover my $1M+ Law Firm
Growth Framework

A PROVEN 9-Step Framework for scaling ANY type of law firm business that lays out exactly WHAT to do, and in what order.

6 Full Months of Personalized Coaching with our group calls

A collaborative space for asking questions, getting accountability, and finding support for every action step you take in our Private Facebook group.

AND bonus materials worth more than the entire investment alone.
Learn all about those bonuses HERE

You’ll receive all of this value
with a one-time payment of $4,997!

3 Pay and 6 Pay Options Available

“I have more free time for my family (and) myself...”

Reached 7-figures and works only 3 days a week!

“Davina has facilitated growth in my firm in the past eight months in every single aspect of my practice…. the exponential growth has been with complete ease…I have more free time for my family. I’ve definitely had more free time for myself, and I could not be more of an advocate of (Davina’s) programs and coaching.”

Practice Areas: Family
~Autumn Beck Blackledge, Esq.

“The women in the group are inspiring!”

“I am very grateful the program is flexible. Honestly, for me, that was the push to sign up. The materials are valuable, and deserve focused attention, contemplation, for meaningful application.

The women in the group are inspiring! Helped me realize I’m not thinking big enough, and that I can also make it happen!”

Practice Areas: Employment Law and Employment Discrimination
~Charlotte Fernee, Esq.

Went from zero to multiple six figures in just two years!

“My business has grown exponentially since I began working with Davina.

I had no systems, processes, staff…it’s a whole new world.

Where I was once afraid of growth, now I’m afraid of the possibilities.”

Practice Area: Family, Trust & Estates
~Tara Brown, Esq.

Increased her revenue by 44% while spending more time with her daughter at their home in Costa Rica.

“When you sign up with Wealthy Woman Lawyer®, you sign on to a commitment of bettering yourself and your law firm…You achieve your goals at a pace that is challenging and realistic… (Davina) gives you tremendous insight and makes sure you see the results. I recommend Davina to anyone who is serious about getting assistance to grow their business.”

Practice Areas: IP, Patents, General Counsel, Business Law
~Joycelyn Brown, Esq.

“Gave me courage to hire...”

“I am so delighted to have been a member of the Wealthy Women Lawyer League since the beginning of 2022. When I joined, I was a frustrated lawyer, working very long hours every day. I didn’t have the clarity nor the faith to scale my business and feared that I would eventually work myself into bad health. The many courses taught by Wealthy Woman Lawyer, LLC transformed my business and gave me the courage to hire an associate attorney for the very first time. I am now able to better understand the systems I need to put in place to organize my business and scale up. I am much more productive and I finally have a meaningful plan to create the business and life I always wanted. I would recommend the Wealthy Woman Lawyer League to any lawyer looking for practical advice as to how to analyze and understand where they are and where they want to go.”

~Vernita Williams-Egenti, Esq..
Practice Areas: Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, and Probate

“Practical advice and strategies that I could immediately apply...”

“I recently completed all of the coaching modules that are offered on the Wealthy Woman Lawyer website. I would rate Davina and the coaching modules a solid 5 stars.

The modules were well-structured and easy to follow. The content was comprehensive and covered a wide range of topics that addressed every area of my growing law practice. The modules were designed in a way that allowed me to learn at my own pace and go back and review any sections that I needed to.

What really stood out to me was the quality of the content. The coaching modules were packed with practical advice and strategies that I could immediately apply to my law firm. The exercises and activities were engaging and helped me to gain a deeper understanding of myself and my goals.

Overall, I would highly recommend Davina and her coaching modules to anyone looking to scale their law firm.”

~Tieesha Taylor, Esq.
Elder Law, Estate Planning, Probate, Special Needs, Disability, VA

Mythbusting What it Takes to Scale Your Law Firm

Myth #1: Running a law firm means you have to HUSTLE 24/7.


It’s not about hustle. It’s about strategy. A smart, intentional schedule is the key to long term success.

How you approach work and what you prioritize sets the pace of your everyday life. I’m going to teach you the law firm growth strategies that align with the way you want to live.

Myth #2: You can’t hire help until you’ve already succeeded in making multiple six figures.


I’m not saying spend a ton of money you don’t have yet.

When you implement a systems-driven law firm business model, you’ll see exactly how to pay yourself, anyone on your team, and exponentially grow the revenue in your business …without burning yourself out.

Myth #3: You need to be present and available all the time in case someone NEEDS you!


You’ll find exponentially more success when you know how to find and hire people who are just as invested in your law firm’s growth as you.

In most newer law firms, it can feel like every single task and decision goes through you.
I’m going to show you how to shift this pattern quickly and set yourself up to invest in the right people as soon as possible.

You’ll not only tap into that CEO confidence to start hiring, you’ll have all the processes and frameworks in place to set them (and your firm) up for sustained growth.

Myth #4: If you have kids, you have to “do it all” as a mom and “do it all” in your law firm business too.

NO! This one really fires me up.

I see too many women law firm owners taking on everything at work and then going home to… Plan all the lunches, dinners and field trips. Plan the summer vacations and holiday trips. Chauffeur, cook, clean and do laundry. Keep the family calendar organized. Do all the back-to-school shopping, grocery shopping, gift shopping and homework helping.

All while trying to build and be the CEO of a $1M business. It didn’t work like this for Johnnie Cochran, Alan Dershowitz, or Robert Shapiro, so why do you have to buy into this model? You don’t. I make sure of it in the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League, because I know you can have it all–you just need to stop trying to do it all!


You can be wildly wealthy AND compassionately generous.

You can build a thriving practice AND lead a fulfilling life.

You can attract high paying clients AND stay aligned with your core values.

What’s stopping you then from creating a $1M wealth-
generating law firm business?

Thanks to now having a systems-driven business she expanded her team from 3 people to 8 well-trained self-starters who can run her law firm when she takes real time off!

“If you are a woman lawyer looking to grow your firm, HIRE DAVINA TODAY!… In just 6 months, my monthly revenue increased by over 250%. I have developed systems that work for me and my firm, and I am well on my way to a great work-life balance… Davina’s guidance has helped me lay out a clear path to the career I really want.”

Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Family Law
~Sara Bush Jones, Esq.

Went from a one-woman operation to doubling her annual revenue and built a reliable team of five people while launching a second law firm business.

“Living in Columbia, South Carolina…there just really aren’t a lot of people who want the same things out of their career as I do. It has been wonderful meeting other women from all over the country and other parts of the world who also have that vision.”

Practice Areas: Federal Appeals, Federal White Collar, Post-Conviction Appeals
~Elizabeth Franklin-Best, Esq.

In less than one year, she hired a full-time employee, increased her revenue, and had more time in her personal life to help care for a family member.

“I highly recommend the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Program for any law firm owner seeking to develop an understanding of the business side of firm management. I have been able to hire an experienced full-time case manager, transition from flat fee to more lucrative payment structures, and spend my time on higher value tasks through delegation. I have seen an increase in firm revenue during our (traditionally) slowest quarter…Davina is a talented business coach and she leverages her business and lawyer skills to help you get to 7 figures. Well worth it!”

Practice Areas: Civil Rights and Landlord/Tenant
~Angelik Edmonds, Esq.

Grew her team to 9, ADDED $1M in revenue, increased her personal income by 50%!

“I wanted to focus on a virtual business model and good work life balance… I was afraid a coach would try to get me to shift to a more traditional model. That has NOT been the case at all! (Davina) gives me accountability, fresh ideas, and has helped me come up with a plan and execute it based on what I want my business to look like.”

Practice Areas: Family, Appeals
~Holly Draper, Esq.

Is Now The Time To Scale Your Law Firm Business?

If starting out in your law firm business, does the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League make sense for you?

In a word: YES.

Several women join the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League within the first year of opening their own law firm business. Because of this early investment, they started out on the right foot from the beginning.

With our systems in place, they could sustain continued expansion without having to scramble to figure out what to do as they grew.

They said things like…

“She’s added value not only to my new law firm but all my businesses.”

I love Davina and the program that she has created to support and push women lawyers to the best of their abilities. I invested in her service and she has definenly added value to not only my new law firm but all of my business. I will recommend her again and again because that’s how much I believe in her program.

Practice Areas: Family, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Trust and Estates
~LaTerria Sherer, Esq.

“Best investment I ever made and it has paid for itself several times over.”

Davina was and still is an absolute blessing when it comes to helping build my firm. I’m a newer attorney who decided to hang my own shingle. I came across Davina’s services on social media and was hooked. It was the BEST investment I ever made, and it has paid for itself several times over. Davina has helped me create a successful firm right off the bat, and I have employees working for me now! It’s absolutely crazy what you can do when you have the right guidance and support system on your side, and Davina guides you every step of the way. She’ll also hold you accountable to make sure you continue betting on yourself!
Davina – from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Practice Area: Family Law
~Deveney Wells-Gibson, Esq.

“I’ve learned a lot about my firm and myself as a person.”

If you are a female law firm owner and want to grow beyond you just slaving away at your desk, hire Davina! She is fantastic and really creates a great safe space where female firm owners can really learn from one another and express some of the challenges unique to women. I learned a lot about my firm and myself as a person. You will not regret your decision to work with her.

Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate, Guardianship
~Nicola Robinson, Esq.

“I HIGHLY recommend you invest in Davina's services!”

“I just completed all of the modules for the Wealth Woman Lawyer Law Firm Growth. I have learned so much from the modules as well as the weekly calls. I am a true solo and have been able to hire an intern, am hiring a legal assistant, and have had a very successful past few months once the changes were in place. I highly recommend you invest in Davina’s services!”

Family Law, Estate Planning, Probate
~Amanda Cummins. Esq.

“I came away with a ton of valuable information and a clear roadmap for growth.”

“I recently had the pleasure of taking Davina’s Wealthy Woman Lawyer Law firm Growth Framework Course, and I must say, it exceeded all my expectations. Davina’s transition from a lawyer to a law firm business coach is truly remarkable, and she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

The course itself is incredibly well-organized, making it easy to follow along and grasp the concepts presented. Davina has a knack for delivering the material in an engaging and entertaining manner, which made the learning process enjoyable.

What I appreciate most about this course is the practicality of the content. Davina doesn’t just provide theoretical insights; she outlines the important systems law firms need to scale to $1million plus in gross profits! I came away with a ton of valuable information and a clear roadmap for growth.

Thank you, Davina, for sharing your expertise and helping lawyers like me achieve our business goals!”

Family Law, Divorce Coaching, Mediation
~Chelsea Pagan, Esq.

If you’re already established and generating $100,000+ in revenue, does the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League make sense for you?

Unequivocally, YES. I created and designed the League JUST FOR YOU!

The League systems and frameworks here can take you to that next level-–$250,000, $350,000, and $500,000+.

NOW is exactly the right time to implement these processes into your law firm business.

They’re THE foundation to a profitable, sustainable business that can pay you now and into the future.


It’s very common for women to say “Let me talk with my spouse/partner/significant other” before investing in themselves, even when their significant other is not a partner in their business.

When our business isn’t making a whole lot yet, we worry that we’re being irresponsible and often seek out the opinions of others–even if they don’t have a complete understanding of how our business works or they have a protective agenda that’s fearful of taking risks.

Frankly, I’ve worked with a lot of male business owners and rarely, if ever, do they do the same thing. Typically, when it comes to investing in themselves and their business growth, they say “Which credit card do you take?”

Spending $ ≠ Investing

Interestingly, women rarely question money spent on their family, especially their children.

But, when it feels like it’s for “us” we often hesitate and overthink and check in with others EVEN IF we know in our own guts that the investment will more than pay off. AND when generational wealth and more time together will benefit our children way much more in the long run.

Why do so many women feel compelled to justify their investments in themselves or their businesses?

It can come down to this:

People celebrate men and women differently. This then impacts us when it comes to making big moves in business. As women…

People cheer for you when you get married.

They’ll congratulate you when you have kids.

They may even compliment you on choosing such a “prestigious” career path as a lawyer.

But, the public RARELY loudly celebrates women for starting their own businesses.

Quite the opposite.

Instead, they warn you of all the possible ways you’ll fail. They’ll insist you’ve chosen a risky path.

They’re less impressed with the idea of women generating wealth.

AND they may even call you selfish or greedy for wanting more for yourself and your one beautiful life.

So, yeah, making an investment in your business might feel a little…subversive. Like you need to justify it as though it’s a big purchase.

But you’re not buying a car that’s going to drop in worth the second you pull it out of the lot. (And, let’s be honest, men get celebrated for buying cars too!)

You’re INVESTING in something that’ll continue to give back to your life 10X.

Imagine building a half-a-million dollar home and choosing shoddy limestone over a solid rebar-reinforced concrete foundation.

How long before that $500,000 home is sliding down the hill??

Invest in the structure!

We help you build a solid, proven foundation for your law firm business.

Then you go from surviving to thriving, generating half a million dollars a year or more on your way to a cool million (or multiple millions!)

We know it’s about so much more than making more money.

But the big boost in revenue feels pretty damn good.

What could an extra $300,000 – $500,000 p/yr could free up for you?

For me, it’s the freedom to make big moves without hesitation.

To know you can generously pay your team and yourself.

To feel confident when booking business class tickets abroad for your month-long vacation.

To, without hesitation, write a check for a loved one in need or for a cause you care deeply about.

You can go big in business and in life.

Because it’s not about the money. It’s about the flexibility, the options, and the freedom to CHOOSE.

You Can Achieve Great Things in Your Law Firm
Without Sacrificing Your Quality of Life

I know what it looks and feels like to hustle hard for a high six- seven-figure law firm.

I scaled my first law firm quickly, and at a great cost to my own health.

And when I was sure I’d keel over from a heart attack in my early 40s, I pulled the plug.

Walked away, without regret.

Because no amount of revenue was worth what I was losing in terms of my well-being.

The Law Firm Business Foundations we teach are not only crucial, they’re life changing.

We help you get a clear set of systems in place so your law firm business can skyrocket in revenue while also offering a huge ROI in peace of mind and quality of life.

I aim to relieve you of what I call “3 a.m. problems” in your law firm.

These are the issues that relentlessly tug at your mind in the middle of the night when you should be sleeping.

For a lot of women, it’s the multitude of things falling through the cracks in their personal and professional lives because there’s only so much anyone can squeeze into one day.

I built the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League so you have a reliable resource of solutions you can take action on quickly.


Marketing – what to do and where to do it

Signing new clients – how to help them find you and what to say to them when they do

Onboarding clients – knowing how to deliver a first-class service

Money – exactly how to exponentially increase and track the revenue coming in every month and which key performance indicators (KPIs) to track

Hiring – setting yourself up to hire well and take real time away from your law firm

And so much more!

You don’t have to lie awake wondering “where am I going to find a client?” Or, “am I doing enough to market myself?” Or, “did I remember to send that contract today?”

The systems I teach you streamline all the key pieces of your law firm business.

So…why continue to struggle and worry yourself into a stomach ulcer when help is not only available but affordable and easily accessible?

Implemented a Financial Management System and team that totally transformed her two law firm businesses.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, I felt supported for the first time-like I had a business partner who had been to business school and had the keys and recipes for success. My revenue has increased, and now I have a solid system in place for growth.”

Practice Areas: Family Law, EP, Guardianship, Conservatorship, Probate
~Crystal Hayes Fields, Esq.

With new systems, handbooks, and contracts in place, she was able to invest in a new office location, hire her first employee, and pay the right people to take on her copywriting, website, and even interior design of her office.

“Hiring Davina as my coach was the best decision I made in 2019… With her help I am learning how to

– Hold myself accountable…
– Push past my limiting beliefs…
– Cultivate my brand; and…
– Love being a business owner…

…I thoroughly enjoy working with Davina and wanted you to know how she has helped me turn this practice around. If you are struggling and are considering coaching with Davina, go ahead and take the leap. You won’t regret it!”

Practice Areas: Personal Injury, Medical Negligence, Auto Accident, Estates and Probate
~Cassidy Loutos, Esq.

The Wealthy Woman Lawyer League Is For You If:

You’re just starting out as a law firm business owner and want to start on the right foot from the beginning with systems for expansion in place.


You’re already established and generating $100k+ in revenue but can’t seem to push past that mark without sacrificing your entire life.

Are You Doubling Or Tripling Your Gross Annual Revenue Right Now? If Not… Let’s Talk.

In the early stages of building your law firm business, you should be doubling, even tripling your annual revenue.

Most women law firm owners are NOT. They’re setting for just under six-figures thinking it’s enough to “get by.”

My mission is to get you and other women law firm owners consistent, substantial growth every year.

Another year passes and you barely see any revenue growth, if any.

Your next year is consumed with trying to keep up and wondering whether or not you should consider a career change.

Your finances feel unpredictable, and you’re never sure if you’ll be able to make it to the next year or pay a team to assist you.

Why risk the above when with just ONE new client/matter, you’ve more than paid off the price of the program?

TOO many small law firm owners are figuring it out as they go.

Running a one-woman venture and doing the job of 10-15.

They acquire clients here and there. Try social media. Network and ask for referrals.

They troll social media groups for tips, tricks and tools only to wind up more confused than ever.

Then feel overburdened with only a few clients that they don’t even want to work with.

That’s not a business model–much less a sustainable, profitable one.

Learning on the job without some kind of framework or coaching support means risking a lot of unnecessary (and costly) mistakes.

That’s where a smart, systems-driven law firm business model comes in.

Like the one we teach you in the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League.



You know how to think like a lawyer.

I’m going to show you how to think AND operate like a CEO of a successful law firm.

Was able to implement systems that made it possible to grow her profits, hire an associate, and have the time to be present for all of her daughter’s essential therapies.

“Like many mothers, I had begun to tell myself that I had to put my personal goals to the side, including growing my practice, to step into my new role as a mom of a special needs child. I had started looking at government jobs that may be more flexible with my new lifestyle and new schedule…Once I began to implement (the Wealthy Woman Lawyer®) systems, I was able to grow my profits, add an associate, and still have time to be at all of my daughter’s essential therapies. I have a renewed energy and new hope in the possibilities that are in store for my firm when just a year ago I was ready to take down my “shingles…”

Practice Areas: Family, Crimigration
~SaKinna Thomas, Esq.

She went from no team to hiring two associates, 2 paralegals, and 1 legal assistant. PLUS, she more than doubled her profit!

“At the end of 2020, I knew that I needed help learning how to handle the growth of my business…within a few months, Davina helped me overcome many issues within my firm…Now, I have an associate, 2 paralegals, 1 legal assistant, and am hiring another associate! Additionally, I have more than doubled my profit with another substantial growth in profit on the horizon for 2022. If you have any questions about hiring Davina, don’t second guess yourself; just do it!”

Practice Areas: Family, Criminal Defense
~Stacy Kirven, Esq.

Her revenue has tripled and she has MORE time for herself and her family.

“I have had the privilege of working with Davina for the past two years. After practicing law since 1997, I felt my practice had fallen into a rut. Davina helped me to revitalize my business and finally make some of the changes I had stalled on for a decade. Since then, my revenue has tripled, and I have more time for myself and my family. Davina makes you realize you CAN have it all!”

Practice Areas: Trust, Estates and Probate
~Farren Sheehan, Esq.

“I Don’t ‘Math’ Which Is Why I Became a Lawyer.”

I hear you. More than that, I feel you because I stopped being a “math” person after 5th grade.

If you want to be the CEO of a profitable, sustainable business of any kind, you need to understand business math (and if you don’t, we’ve got you covered in the League).

For now, let’s clarify the concept of return on investment, or ROI as it’s commonly called.

No doubt, you’ve heard this term before when people discuss investing in real estate or the stock market. Maybe you’re already an investor!

However, as law firm owners, we rarely think that way about our law firm businesses.

Instead, every time we bring in money we think “income.”

Every time we pay out money we think “expense.”

Income = good. Expense = bad… except that’s not the truth and whoever taught you that did you a disservice.

A worthwhile “expense” adds value to your life.

For example: You pay your power bill every month. An expense.

And, as a result, you flip a switch and enjoy your preferred lighting at any time of day. For me, the pleasure of turning on the air conditioning in Florida is well worth the monthly expense!

Likewise, there are vital business expenses necessary to keep everything running–like a reliable computer and smartphone.

We implicitly understand the ROI of these items; without them, we’d have a hard time getting work done.

What about investing in help to scale your law firm business?

Where does that land on your good/bad scale?

To assess this, let’s play a little math game (it’s fun and easy, I promise):

Imagine I hand you an $85,000 check. Can you picture it? There with your name on it? That 5-figure number typed out clearly?

How does it feel depositing that into your business account?

If you’re anything like me, depositing a check like that into your bank account will make you feel like doing your happy dance.

Now imagine you get to deposit that same amount into your bank account every month for a whole year.

That’s exactly what you’ll do if you scale your law firm business to and through $1M in gross annual revenue. (And it doesn’t need to stop there! Your mind is your only limitation.)

What would that kind of revenue create for you?

Freedom to travel frequently and comfortably

True quality time with family and friends

​Lots of much-needed “me time”

​The possibility to completely pay off any outstanding debts

​A significant sum to start funding your retirement now

Flexibility to diversify your income streams by investing more

Build a considerable savings or rainy day fund

​Relieve relationship tension that results from money stress

Have a generous budget to invest in yours or your kids’ future goals

An increased revenue stream means more freedom, security, flexibility, and confidence to realize your vision.

It takes JUST ONE new client to pay off the full investment in the Wealth Woman Lawyer League.

But not just any client.

A client you’re excited to serve.

You’ll build a solid foundation for scaling your law firm to your desired revenue with a business that matches your favorite lifestyle.

That’s a pretty straightforward ROI!

There’s No Need To Choose Between A Personal Life And Your Law Career Anymore. Those Days Are Long Gone.

As CEO, YOU Design The Law Firm Business That Suits YOUR Chosen Lifestyle.

What We ARE Building in The League

We ARE confidently taking action and integrating business systems that set us up for success!

We ARE choosing the way we want to live our lives and building law firms that support that!

We ARE holding powerful boundaries in both our personal and professional lives!

We ARE saying YES to building a team that can tackle the details so we can take on the role of CEO!

We ARE more than comfortable saying NO to anything that isn’t moving us toward our goals!

​We ARE clear on our fee structure and how it moves the needle forward to scaling our businesses!

We ARE making high-level decisions knowing we are fully supported by smart systems!

We ARE taking ACTUAL TIME OFF to enjoy our lives and the people we love!

“Working with Davina has been the best business decision I've made to date.”

“As a new business owner and new mother, I started working with Davina at a time in my life when my needs were tall but my resources were slim. She immediately helped me streamline my goals and devise a realistic plan to achieve them. Her approach was always unique and effective. I value her insight and trust her advice implicitly. Working with Davina has been the best business decision I’ve made to date.”

Practice Areas:Real Estate, Business, Trust and Estates
~Anila Raul, Esq.

She exceeded her financial goals, grew her team, and improved her daily schedule.

“Has been truly transformational for my law practice and my own personal growth as an employer. I have exceeded the financial goals for my business, grown my team, taken control of my calendar, and continue to improve everyday. Highly recommend!”

Practice Areas: Elder Law, Estate Planning, Guardianship, Probate
~Pamela Martini Esq.

Still Here? Then, Let’s Get Into All That’s Involved

You’ll Cultivate A Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Mindset

Law school taught you how to think like a lawyer. I’m going to teach you how to think and take action like a CEO. That’s the key to unlocking $1M+ in revenue.

You’ll Know How to Make Your Firm Stand Out from the Crowd

I’ll show you how to put your law firm on the map and build a highly sought after law firm in your area.

Bonus: You’ll know how to stand out without making “affordability” your only differentiator. Instead, the right clients see the value you bring and pay what it takes to work with you.

You’ll Craft a Message that Attracts Ideal Prospects

If you want better clients, you have to know how to connect with them and speak their language. I’ll show you exactly how to find your ideal clients and talk to them in a way that makes them clamor to hire you.

You’ll Inspire Your Growing List of Leads to Take Action and Say YES on Consults!

You’ll know how to help your incoming prospect take immediate action and CHOOSE you. Equipped with the powers of attraction, you’ll convert, and ask for what you are worth (without feeling icky about it). In other words, you’ll have the formula for running consultations that close.

Run Your Day and Schedule Like a True $1M CEO

“Time management” is everyone’s Achilles Heel, it seems. But not yours. Not after what you learn in the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League. I teach you step-by-step how to take back control of your schedule and your life so you spend your time doing what you love or what absolutely can only be done by you.

Attract, Hire and Delegate Top Talent

I am going to show you how to step away from your business and take true time off. You’ll learn everything that goes into hiring well and knowing what to hire for so you have a team just as committed to your law firm’s success as you are.

Implement Systems that Set Up Your Business to Run Without You

No guesswork here. I will teach you the exact systems you need. You’ll know the why and the how and also have what you need to hit the ground running with what you learn. If you want to get your life back and become a millionaire while doing it, then you absolutely, positively need to create a systems-based business to support you. Nothing less will do.

Track the Numbers in Your Business and Watch Your Investments Multiply

No burying your head in the sand here! You’ll get real with yourself about how much money you’re making and how to get to your first $1M. After you complete this program, you may even revise your limiting belief of “I’m not a math person” to “I love looking at my money and watching it grow!”

Know How to Invest in Yourself and Your Continued Revenue Growth

Wealthy Women invest in themselves. You are your greatest asset! You’ll elevate the way you think about money–how you acquire it, how you keep it, how you spend it, how you save it, and how you invest it. Your old money stories no longer serve you in this new time and space.

The goal is YOUR peace, happiness and joy. It’s the fulfillment of your highest potential.

Now That You’ve Got ‘Em, Accumulate Those Assets!

I show you all the assets you should have in your back pocket – how to get them, what to do with them, and what they can create for you (True Wealth, baby!). This is the key to unlocking a steady flow of cash every month. Not only that, you increase your potential impact beyond the revenue coming in from clients!


Get Your Systems Set Up the RIGHT WAY

(normally sold separately for $997)

Not a “systems thinker” but really would love to have a systems-driven business, operated by a top-notch team so you can finally free yourself of the day-to-day operations of your business?

Return On Investment: 10X

In this full-length course, we’ll cover:

The 7 Essential Systems every law firm needs to operate profitably, sustainably, and successfully

The fastest and easiest ways to document your processes and improve them on-the-go

My Mindset Makeover Model to help you overcome overwhelm and stay on track regardless of interruptions or obstacles thrown in your path

​The exact process you need to attract and convert ideal prospects to ideal clients (without YOU handling all the consultations)

​How to get your clients to pay you without quibbling over your fees

​How to create a “high-touch” experience for your clients without YOU being the one to do the “touching”

​How this one process can train your clients to leave you five-star reviews

​Why asking for reviews at the end of your client’s matter is not the best way to get feedback you can use to improve your processes

​The exact steps you need to follow to cultivate a team of A+ employees who’ve got your back and are committed to serving your clients

How to know which tech tools to purchase and which to trash​

​Exactly how to capture the key performance indicators you need to track the health of your law firm business and know if you are on top of achieving your goals

​60+ Models, Templates, Guides and Cheat Sheets

​Plus, my favorite tech tools for law firm businesses in 2022

Think That’s It? I’ve Got More BONUS Learning Opportunities For You Too

Bonus #1

Leadership for Women Law Firm Owners Workshop Series

Learn how to transition from someone who handles all the little details in your business (aka the wearer of MANY hats), to managing a high-performing team and utilizing system-driven operations to help you fully step into being a CEO. Over 12 weeks, you’ll gain the essential skills to lead, manage day-to-day operations, and develop and coach future leaders within your organization.

Bonus #2

Creating Time For What Matters Guidebook

Using my 5-Step, No excuse method you can reclaim control over your time and protect your top priorities. Say goodbye to constant interruptions and those who hijack your valuable time. This 25-page PDF guidebook will empower you to establish boundaries, streamline your schedule, and focus on the things that truly matter like your family, friends, and personal time! Don’t let others dictate your agenda and find ways to maximize your time in the office.

Bonus #3

Cash Infusion Formula: 13 Ideas to BOOST your cash flow NOW

Discover my powerful “Cash Infusion Formula” and transform your law firm’s financial health. With 13 impactful ideas, this bonus guide provides immediate strategies to improve cash flow in your business. In this 6-page PDF bonus download, you’ll learn tips for identifying untapped revenue streams, you’ll gain practical insights that can make a significant difference in your law firm, and find ways to make extra income right away.

A WEALTH Of Support…

Participate in weekly LIVE laser coaching and mastermind calls with Davina and other, likeminded, women law firm owners on the same success journey.

Benefit from TWO Built-In Bonuses: 1) How to Hire Your Ideal Employee, and 2) Leading Thru Adversity. These are recordings of LIVE presentations by experts in hiring and business leadership.

Take advantage of 6 full months of membership to take it all in with options to level up or renew.

Join the private Facebook community where you can engage, connect, and share resources with other women law firm owners on a similar journey to scale to and beyond $1M+

Access to every group coaching call we’ve recorded since we opened the League. (Listen in to hear how other women law firm owners have solved problems similar to yours.)

Receive a copy of my book: The Wealthy Woman Lawyer®’s Guide to Law Firm Marketing in the Virtual Age | 10 Bold Actions to Take Now to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Total Ease

Receive a copy of my book: The Wealthy Woman Lawyer®’s Guide to Building a Systems-Driven Law Firm Business | 7 Essential Systems You Need to Take Back Your Time, Avoid Burnout, and Create Lasting Wealth

Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League Members Have Exceeded Their Revenue Goals By Simply Using The 1M+ Law Firm Growth Framework.

With just one client, all of these resources, frameworks, systems, and coaching you’ll recover the full investment in the program!

I’ve ensured you have every kind of support needed.

No holding back here. You won’t leave wondering if I hesitated to offer a resource or feedback so that I can upsell you later.

I want you to succeed. I want you to know everything you need to know and do to make that happen.

I’m doing this for YOU to grow a lucrative business, not just so I can.

You implement YOUR OWN VISION.

I’m there to help you achieve what YOU WANT and what is IMPORTANT TO YOU.

Learning to really dial in and make those decisions.

With one new client, you can pay off the entire investment in this program, and have a solid, profitable business framework to carry you to all your revenue goals!

Increased her hourly rate, hired two really strong new attorneys, and values her time!

“I have increased my hourly rate and really value my time. I took the time to find the right fit in hiring. I have hired two new attorneys and have shared values… formed a strong team… super helpful!”

~Katherine Mazaheri Franze, Esq.
Practice Areas: Family, Employment, Business and Immigration Law

“I highly recommend (Davina) to others looking to grow their business.”

“I had recently become a solo practitioner and I needed help growing my business… It was really helpful and motivating to have an independent third party help me with ideas and strategies to grow… Davina is a wealth of knowledge and has substantial experience helping other business owners, particularly attorneys, grow their business and I highly recommend her to others looking to grow their business.”

~Jessa Gary, Esq.
Practice Areas: Estate Planning and Probate

Hi, I’m Davina.

Founder and CEO of Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League

For nearly a decade, I’ve empowered countless women law firm owners to scale their revenue by astounding margins like 30, 40, even 250%!

But here’s what I value even more: sharing with you a path to prosperity doesn’t have to demand every ounce of your time + effort.

My journey has been one of revelation and transformation. I’m living proof that it’s totally possible to thrive beyond “the grind” with a little grit and a lot of determination.

I started out like many of you, $80,000 in student loans, zero experience, but with a lot of tenacity, I launched my firm. I scaled my team, my client, my revenue, and even my office. On the outside, it looked like I was a raving success.

But really, I was juggling too many jobs for one person. I was senior partner, managing attorney, firm administrator, litigator, the HR department, and unofficial therapist for my staff. Behind closed doors I was exhausted, my health was eroding, and my marriage was feeling the strain.

The shift came when I focused inward. I had to trust myself, put in the inner work, and allow myself to envision what I wanted beyond the money. I also found a mentor.

Coaching showed me that success doesn’t necessitate self-sacrifice.

Your firm can be a pillar of your life, not a drain.

I share that because my first law firm brought me the revenue, but it stole my joy. The next time around, with coaching, and a new outlook on what wealth really means (and what it looks like for ME) my second law firm was able to provide both security AND freedom.

I want to help empower you to craft a legacy that will reshape your life. With practical systems, frameworks, and resources but also with mentorship, support, and encouragement every step of the way.

Ready to get your life back?

Frequently Asked Questions


EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, more than earns back on their investment in the League. It takes one client to pay off the full investment. That’s a really small cost to invest knowing you can then more than double/triple your revenue by following the frameworks we teach. Plus, you get regular coaching support every step of the way.


How long will it take you to implement?

People who take action quickly and show up regularly see increases in revenue within 30-90 days. It all depends on your mindset and your willingness to put in the work to get what you most desire. I’ve had clients who made 44% increases and crossed over the million-dollar mark in just one year. Others may need three years to get there because they’re still below the half-million-dollar mark or quarter million-dollar mark. The more you want it, the more quickly you are likely to move through the process and get to your goals.


Yep. This program was created to fit people who like to learn quietly, in their own homes or offices, without having to always interact with others while they figure something out. Our introverted members often have some of the most brilliant breakthroughs because they’re so observant and take their time to integrate. You’re able to join Zoom meetings and listen and take notes without ever going on camera or turning your mic off mute. And, many members who feel quieter in other settings really find that they feel “at home” and at ease with this group of women. So, you might find yourself actively speaking up more than you expect.

That’s an iron-clad ‘no-brainer’.


You truly get what you put in.

You must decide that you are going to get value from this experience and be really open to all kinds of outcomes. We know we teach a fantastic framework, and we have many, many happy clients to prove it.

But that doesn’t guarantee you are going to have the exact same results. Why? Because we can only do what we can do. You must be willing to do what is required of you if you want results.

That means watching all the videos (or listening to the audio), doing all the prescribed homework and implementing it in your business, showing up and participating in the live coaching and mastermind calls, doing the reading if it’s required, and participating in the private community group.

Also, it requires that you reach out for help if you are struggling to “get it.” The only sure way to get what you want is to settle for nothing less. We are here to help but we can’t do it for you.


We’ve worked with law firm owners in family law, estate planning, probate, guardianship, social security disability, personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, real estate, civil litigation, business law, employment law, and intellectual property (including trademarks and patents). The reason our system works for many different practice areas is that we focus on the business of running a law firm and teaching business principles. What we’ve discovered is that it doesn’t matter what your practice area is or your geographic location–because we’ve had clients all over the country in big cities and small, rural towns. What matters is what you are willing or not willing to do to grow your law firm.


We focus on revenue because it is our belief that most women law firm owners do not stretch themselves to reach their highest

potential and the million-dollar revenue hurdle is one of the hardest (mentally) for most to jump.

Profitability can vary widely based on your tax strategy, what you choose to “write off” in the business, and numerous other factors. We’ll talk about this in the League as well!

We do teach a profit-growth strategy in the League because we know it doesn’t all begin and end with revenue. However, if you aren’t making any significant revenue, it’s likely your profitability isn’t all that great either. Or, if it is, you are working yourself to death to get it. More revenue will help you develop the resources you need to make your life so much easier and scale your business to greater heights.


It’s recommended that you do because we’ve found it to be advantageous to watch each module in order as some concepts are better understood after digesting the prior materials.

However, this program has rolling enrollment and not everyone will be on the same materials at the same time, so do not feel like you must “keep up.” It’s designed for you to work at your own pace, and you have six months to go through the course.


Yes, you can! If you are a woman lawyer who owns her own law firm with plans to scale it to and thru $1M, this program and community will provide value for you. Of course, legal systems–and what lawyers are allowed and not allow to do–varies, so it will be your responsibility to determine if the recommendations in this program are permitted in your jurisdiction.


No. There only one membership in the League per program purchase. You certainly are welcome to watch the videos and do the homework together, but only one of you will be able to join the membership site, be on the calls, or join the Facebook community.


We believe we’ve made this program very affordable for most women law firm owners at just about every level. Our proven program is basically the cost of one new client to your firm, and the ROI if you put in the work could yield 10, 20, 30… even 100 times the investment. We understand it may be a significant investment for some, and we think it’s more than reasonable given the value provided.

That said, for a limited time, we have added a 3-pay option to break up the payments over 90 days. If you want to take advantage of this payment plan, the time to do that is now because it won’t be available forever. (Please note, though, if you sign up for the three-pay option and you fail to make a payment, you will be automatically removed from the membership site and other resources and no refunds on prior payments will be issued.)


Given the nature of the product, there are no refunds for any reason so if you don’t think you are ready to make this commitment to yourself and your business right now, or you don’t feel this is a right fit for you, then please don’t. We are pretty upfront about all this program includes. We only want people in the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® community who are beyond ready, right now, to scale their law firm business and make their wealth dreams come true.


You’ll get a welcome message from us (yay!) with all the information you need to access the site and begin preparing for the first week’s assignment. We encourage you to log into the membership site immediately and reset your password. We do not have access to your password should you lose it. Also, we encourage you to immediately request to join the League FB community. You’ll receive all details in your Welcome email. If you don’t see it in your inbox within a reasonable time after joining (within the hour), then do check your spam folder! It’s probably there! If you still have an issue, let us know ASAP by emailing support@wealthywomanlawyer.com. We want to be sure you have access to it all!


If you are making at least $500,000 in gross revenue in your business, then I invite you to apply for private, 1:1 coaching. Here’s the link. Spots are limited, so if it is something you want to do, don’t delay. Apply now.

“Davina was a great fit for (my) goals.”

“Her questions are challenging and on-point — the kinds of questions you can’t pull from your own brain because it’s so engrossed in your business already. I needed the outside third-party perspective to give honest opinions and make tough decisions.”

~Heather Harmony Kennedy, Esq.
Practice Areas: Business Law, Commercial Real Estate, Intellectual Property Law

“I highly recommend Davina for anyone seeking to grow their business.”

“Davina is a very talented business coach. If you are looking to take your business to a whole new level, then look no more. She’s a high-performance coach that demands results. I highly recommend Davina for anyone seeking to grow their business.”

~Rania Arwani, Esq.
Practice Areas: Family Law

A love letter to women law firm owners…

At the end of the day, I KNOW you are an ambitious, high-achieving woman otherwise you wouldn’t be still here, looking at this page. But consider this. In law school, you are taught how to think like a lawyer, they never set you up to run your own law firm business. There is a gap in knowledge that my previous experience and expertise can fill so you don’t have to keep struggling.

You don’t have to keep taking the unwanted cases just to stay on track, you don’t have to put off hiring an assistant because that might make you look like you can’t handle it all. You don’t have to spend another evening panic-checking your email or staring up at the ceiling at 3 AM wondering what the hell you’re supposed to do next.

TRUE wealth is not about the number on your bank statement, the cars in your garage, or the designer’s name on your handbag. Those things are wonderful, but it’s really about the freedom to spend your time, effort, and passion on the things that matter most to you.

The Manolos aren’t worth it if you’re constantly burnt out and miserable.

The Mercedes isn’t worth it if you’re a slave to your calendar.

The Birkin isn’t worth it if you never unplug from work and enjoy your life outside of what afforded you those things.
It’s not about being “rich”, it’s about being a Wealthy Woman who has the flexibility, the free time, AND the wealth to go and do whatever you want in the world WITH peace of mind.

What Are You Waiting For?

It’s time YOU GET the flexibility, time freedom and wealth you deserve to go anywhere and do anything YOU WANT in the world!