This time of year, everyone’s favorite topic seems to be about ‘planning.’ I feel ya! I love me some good planning. In fact, it’s a key ingredient of my success and my clients’ success. BUT, it’s only one step of the journey.

In this episode, not only am I celebrating some wins of this past year with you, but also, I am sharing with you the number one reason why all the planning in the world will not save you.

Listen in to learn:

  • What I’m celebrating in my business this year and why you should celebrate even if you didn’t achieve all your goals.
  • Some of my clients’ biggest accomplishments this last year (it’s not all about the money)
  • Why I created the League and how it’s going
  • The famous world leader I agree with
  • The biggest challenge most women law firm owners face AFTER the planning
  • 3 reasons why high-achieving women fail to achieve goals—even when they say that’s what they want more than anything
  • The clues you may not be putting yourself first (or worse, putting yourself LAST)
  • A simple, four-step process to follow if you really want a “new you” or just YOU 2.0 in 2023
  • Exactly what to do if you want 1) more prosperity, 2) more resources, 3) more options, and more TIME OFF to travel or do fun things in 2023.

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