On this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast, we speak with Trivinia Barber, founder and CEO of Priority VA, a virtual company that helps match busy business owners, including attorneys, with highly skilled and experienced executive assistants.

“Just because you can do it all doesn’t mean you should. With companies like ours, when you can hire someone for fractional assistance, not just an assistant who’s going to be there for 40 hours a week, but be there for you at key times, you’re able to really outsource the things that you need to do, but without the burden of having to fill time for someone 40 hours a week,” says Trivinia.

We chat about her journey to creating Priority VA, the benefits of working virtually, as well as:

  • Why an executive assistant is different from other VAs

  • What an executive assistant can do for you and your business

  • The tools Priority VA uses to help successfully match firms with the right executive assistant

  • Developing the skills to work with a growing team

  • And more