Davina Frederick has spent three decades in professional services marketing. She’s also an attorney and a business owner. 

And, she’ll be sharing highlights from all those experiences – and more – in the coming year in the Solo to CEO Podcast.

Davina’s biggest passion these days is helping solopreneurs or small business owners, especially women, take their company to seven figures. It’ll take a fundamental but necessary shift in your business. But Davina’s going to show you how to “multiply yourself” so you can work less, make more money, and enjoy life.

In upcoming episodes, she’ll feature guests who’ve already made the leap, as well as those who are still working towards that goal, so you can learn from their setbacks and triumphs. 

You’ll also discover…

  • Whether you’re really a business owner… or just a freelancer
  • How to overcome the biggest challenge facing women entrepreneurs
  • The most common way small business owners sabotage success
  • The difference between education and lifelong learning
  • And more