On this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast, we speak with Tiana Hardison. Tiana is the Vice President of Development and Content for PILMMA, an educational institution that strives to be the best and most sought after resource for marketing and managing law firms.

Tiana, who practiced law before joining PILMMA says: “When I had my solo practice years ago, I just didn’t know how to leverage— I didn’t know how to do the grassroots or online marketing that you needed to grow your firm. So, I had a kind of a personal crisis going on, I needed to generate more income than my small practice could handle and ended up joining a firm and started social security law, and through that, I met my husband. He had PILMMA, which stands for ‘Powerful, Innovative, Legal Marketing Management. So he had a company that gave me a taste of an opportunity to see, okay, how do you grow a law firm?” says Tiana.

We chat about Tiana’s extensive career as an attorney, as well as:

  • Advice for attorneys looking to pursue an additional practice area

  • How PILMMA serves attorneys

  • Tips for operating a virtual practice

  • Business growth strategies during a pandemic

  • And more