On this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast, we sit down with Thomas Hamilton, Vice President of Strategy and Operations for Ross Intelligence. Ross intelligence has created an artificial intelligence system to augment lawyer skills and reasoning abilities with curated collections of the most relevant legal authorities.

The software features a question-based search, allowing you to pose legal questions in language you would use with your colleagues. It also helps with document analysis, and provides question-focused case overviews and case treatment summaries to allow you to quickly spot cases that have been criticized or overturned.

“The goal really from day one was to use breakthroughs in artificial intelligence that were already popping up and being deployed in other industries, and by a lot of the big high tech companies, but use those breakthroughs, specifically in the law to create a tool that any lawyer could use, any lawyer could afford, and that would drastically improve their ability to do legal research,” says Thomas.

We chat with Thomas about Ross Intelligence, artificial intelligence and its application in the legal field, as well as:

  • How the software differs from other legal resources such as Lexis or Westlaw

  • What types of firms will benefit most from this software

  • How the software mimics human thought process to simulate working with a real research assistant

  • And more