Law firm growth experts will tell (including myself) will tell you two very important factors to scaling your law firm business to $1M and beyond are: 1) system and 2) team. But many law firm owners will tell you: it’s easier said than done. At least that’s what you all have been telling me! If you can relate, then take a few minutes to listen to this (short) podcast episode. In it, I get right to the point.

Listen in to discover:

  • Why small law firms are struggling to hire now more than larger firms
  • What really motivates most people (not matter what they say), according to a legal recruiter who places lawyers in jobs every day
  • Three hiring nightmares law firm owners recently shared with me
  • The bad news. And the good.
  • What seasoned business owners know that you may not
  • 5 recommendations to help you improve your team-building skills—plus my best advice (Hint: control freaks will love it!)

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