By now, I am sure you have heard a lot about the importance of delegating. There isn’t a business coach out there that won’t bring up delegation and say you should be doing more of it. Why? Because it’s great advice!

Despite all the great advice, I find many women law firm owners still really struggle with delegating. Why are we like this? 😊
In today’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Podcast, we are going to take on this hot topic and get to the root cause of why we aren’t delegating enough and what we can do instead.

Listen in as I share with you:

  • 6 red flags that are warning signs you are not delegating enough—if you spot ‘em, you’ve likely go ‘em! (These aren’t the only red flags but it’s a great place to start.)
  • 10 reasons why we don’t delegate enough even when we know we “should.”
  • My down and dirty quick trick to help you get clear on what must be delegated immediately! Serious, you can do this in under an hour, and it will change your life.
  • How to get a copy of my report: “Delegation Secrets for Women Law Firm Owners Who Do Too Much” if you are dead serious about getting more things off your plate so you can free up your time.

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