In today’s episode, we sit down with Tanner Jones, VP of Business Development at Consultwebs. Consultwebs focuses on everything from web design and SEO to PPC advertising and marketing strategies for lawyers and law firms. Tanner not only works at Consultwebs but is also a frequent speaker on the topic of law firm marketing, including co-hosting webinars with Google and 

“Marketing is like the elephant that’s in the room,” says Tanner. Most lawyers don’t want to talk about it. Simply put, it can sometimes feel overwhelming– but, that’s exactly what we’re going to tackle in this episode to help you get some clarity surrounding the process. 

We’ll chat with Tanner about how to identify your uniqueness to the market (and why it matters), how to battle the public’s preconceived notions about your work, as well as…

  • Developing brand identity and communicating who you are through your marketing
  • What areas of your website people commonly focus on
  • Telling your story in marketing
  • Measuring ROI on your marketing 
  • The best piece of advice from Tanner
  • And more