In this episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer podcast, we chat with Attorney Tania Williams, founder and CEO of The Skilled Advocate Company and experienced litigator. The company provides trial training programs for lawyers who are new to practice, new to litigation, or those who simply want to brush up on their litigation skills. Tania founded the company because she believes better lawyers make better advocates and achieve the best results for their clients.

“I tried to figure out how to serve solos and small firms and do something I like doing every day. I created, on the back of a sheet of paper, what this company would look like, how I would run it, and what the workshops would look like. And that was the birth of The Skilled Advocate Company,” says Tania.  

This week, we chat about why trial training makes better lawyers, as well as…

  • Training and practice as a key to developing confidence in the courtroom

  • Issues unique to women in the courtroom

  • The skills necessary for effectiveness in every step of the courtroom process

  • The skill-sharpening courses The Skilled Advocate Company teaches

  • And more