In this episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® podcast, I welcome Steve Fretzin, the Founder and President of Fretzin Inc., a company that helps lawyers become better business developers and rainmakers with sales-free selling. For the past 18 years, Steve Fretzin has devoted his career to helping lawyers master the art of business development to achieve their law firm growth goals, He’s the author of multiple books on rainmaking for lawyers, and the host of the “Be That Lawyer” podcast.

“We need to get business and we need to get business fast, and if you follow a proven process of how to do networking more effectively, social media more effectively, walking buyers through buying decisions, client loyalty, these are all learned processes and lawyers are just totally unequipped, out of law school and even at the law firm level, to do it.” – Steve Fretzin

Listen in as Steve and I discuss…

  • Why Steve niched down to work only with lawyers after decades in sales.
  • How both introverts and extroverts can be good rainmakers (Hint: adapting to your audience is the key.)
  • Strategies for building relationships with referring professionals.
  • How best to communicate to other professionals that you want a reciprocal business relationship with them. (There’s specific language you’ll want to use!)
  • Agenda-setting for networking meetings so you get better results than winging it.
  • How to add value for someone in your network even when you can’t make direct referrals.
  • Handling common objects without icky sales vibes.
  • Time management tips for busy attorneys who “don’t have time for business development”.

And much more!

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