After being laid off amidst the Great Recession of 2008, Holly, a new mom at the time, was thrust into entrepreneurship.  Although it seemed scary in the moment, looking back, she says, it was the best thing that’s ever happened to her. Today, she owns and operates a 5-attorney law firm that’s not only a moneymaker, but also allows her more time to travel, spend quality time with her husband and their growing children, and explore other income streams, like real estate investment.

Listen in as Holly and I discuss…

• Why she chose to keep her firm virtual only
• Why hiring attorneys before staff turned out to be a winning business model for her
• The secret to hiring good attorneys
• How to overcome fears around making payroll and trusting your team
• Tips for leveraging Facebook groups to attract your ideal clients with ease
• Her number one piece of advice for other women law firm owners who want to scale to and thru $1M
• And much more!

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