In this episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer podcast, we sit down with a nationally recognized coach, speaker, and trial consultant— special guest Sari de la Motte. Sari specializes in helping trial lawyers communicate effectively with jurors. 

When Sari isn’t busy helping trial lawyers improve their communication skills, she’s speaking about her brand new book— From Hostage To Hero: Captivate The Jury By Setting Them Free, published by Trial Guides. Sari is also the host of the Hostage to Hero podcast where she shares insight and advice on how to captivate your jury. 

We chat with Sari about the nonverbal communication skills she teaches to help attorneys become better presenters, the three aspects of communication, as well as…

  • The benefits of learning how to be a great storyteller

  • Finding liberation by embracing the “money” conversation 

  • Why you need to start taking more risks, making decisions and risking failure

  • How Sari works with her clients to achieve success

  • What she means by “we’re all hostages in court”

  • And more