In the early days of her practice, Sarah Stewart struggled to balance being a single mom and a solo practitioner. But when she changed her mindset and began re-prioritizing, she attracted better clients, ones who paid better, too. 


What made the difference? She stopped thinking about herself, her work, and her clients in the dangerous way many women entrepreneurs do that can sabotage their success. She also learned to say “no.”


Sarah says her marketing strategy – one that attorneys rarely use – has also been a huge asset as she’s built her business.


In our conversation, we unpack all of that, as well as…


  • The biggest asset to growing a business and improving work-life balance
  • How to conduct a “group interview” to find the best candidate for a job
  • The support system she used to stay on top of her work and home life
  • The way she distinguishes her practice from other lawyers in her area
  • And more priceless tips on how to balance it all and create the lifestyle you desire