On this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Podcast, we speak with attorney Sarah Poriss. From the beginning of her career at Consumer Law Group in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, Sarah was focused on representing consumers who were experiencing a personal financial crisis. Sarah was a member of Connecticut’s Bench-Bar Foreclosure Committee for its first seven years, helping draft the foreclosure mediation rules and procedures to involve more homeowners in saving their homes.

She’s taken the heart of that work to the next level, representing only consumers with money issues through her firm Sarah Poriss, Attorney at Law, LLC, the largest woman-owned foreclosure defense law firm in Connecticut.

She is the author of the book Got Debt? Dispatches from the Front Lines of America’s Financial Crisis, a collection of stories about working with people in debt over the last ten years. 

We chat with Sarah about her career, as well as:
How she became the media’s go-to for her area of expertise

  • Why she chose her niche
  • The benefits of working with her ideal client
  • Her new book
  • And much more.