When Sarah Jacobs first met her future business partner it wasn’t particularly love it first sight. In fact, they represented opposing parties in court. Soon, however, they found themselves spending hours together negotiating the case, and developed a respect and friendship that long outlasted the matter at hand. Today, they run a very successful law firm, guiding countless others through rocky relationships.

On this episode, we delve into how the work they’ve done together to improve their own business relationship has impacted their ability to better serve their clients. We also discuss:

  • Why disagreements often help you get to the right decisions, as long as you approach the problem with a certain attitude.
  • How to recognize when you need dramatic change in your company – and when you need help to get through it.
  • The challenges that come out of hiring a team – and managing a group of different personalities.
  • The data you need to run your business that you might be ignoring.
  • And so much more.