On this week’s Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Podcast, we speak with Attorney Sara Jones, the Founder and CEO of Sara Jones Law in Lake Wales, Florida, one of the fastest growing firms in Polk County, about her fight for justice both for her clients and her community.

The attorneys and staff of Sara Jones Law serve individuals and families with criminal defense, personal injury, and family law matters. In addition to leading her team to serve the citizens of Polk County, Sara also is a passionate social justice activist and community leader. Currently, she is the President of the Lincoln Community Development Corporation, the Secretary for the Green and Gold Foundation, and the Vice Chair of the Circle of Friends Board of Directors. She also sits on the City of Lake Wales Code Enforcement Board and has been instrumental in the implementation of the city’s Lake Wales redevelopment plan.

Sara says, “The law touches every part of people’s lives, whether they realize it or not. My practice area was an extension of that desire to help people, because the people who come to me are either very emotionally hurt by their issues with criminal defense or family law or they’re physically injured with their personal injury issues, and it brings me a certain amount of pleasure to be able to help people through difficult circumstances and get back on track to having the life that they want.”

We chat about her decision to return to Lake Wales after law school so that she could serve her hometown community, plus: 

  • How fate led her to open her own law firm
  • The cascading events that guided Sara to a path of social justice
  • The importance of community leadership
  • Some of the challenges she’s faced in her success journey
  • How she maintained a standard of excellence while growing her team and firm
  • And more.