Even as she excelled in her law career, Ruby Bolton felt guilty devoting so much time to work when she felt pressure to be spending more time raising her family. And vice-versa.


It was only when she let go of what she felt society expected of her (and told herself it was okay to succeed) was she able to grow her business to where it is today… a thriving family law practice… while still being an integral part of her children’s lives.


We talk about the double-standard impacting women in the workplace and the practical steps she had to take to grow her business, as well as…


  • Why you need to delegate when growing your business – and how to do it the right way
  • How to figure out the true value of your business and a strategy for harnessing that power 
  • The one personal trait that will impact your success more than any other
  • What she had to do to escape her traditional background (it wasn’t easy)
  • The fundamental importance making the decision to succeed has to actualizing success