This week, I’m bringing back my conversation with Ruby Bolton on the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® podcast because of more than 100 episodes, this was, by far, the most popular.

Ruby’s story is like that of many working mothers. For years she was caught up in the “women in the workplace double standard” and filled with working-mom guilt even as she excelled in her career. Ruby says, “The biggest factor … in my being successful was making the decision that it was okay. That it was not something that I needed to feel guilty about.”

Discover how she shifted from feeling constrained by traditional social expectations to thriving in all areas of her life, plus…

  • Why how you see yourself is the key to determining your future success
  • The number one hallmark of being “successful”
  • Why high-achieving women have a hard time delegating
  • How to be a successful business owner and a professional
  • And much more…