This week, I’m bringing back one of my favorite conversations from the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® podcast…

…my conversation with Regina Edwards, of Edwards Family Law, one of the most unique, dynamic and revolutionary family law firms in the state of Georgia.

Regina’s story stands out because it wasn’t that long ago that she thought she was FINISHED with practicing law, even escaping to Scottsdale, Arizona in a “mini-retirement.” But, instead, she chose to completely reinvent her practice and her life…Now she’s no longer chained to her desk, she travels at will while still providing great service to satisfied clients…and she’s healthier and HAPPIER than ever.

How’d she do it?

Here’s what you’ll discover in this special “rewind” episode of the podcast…

  • Key strategies for finding clarity about the kind of practice YOU want
  • How to live in one state while practicing in another (Hint: It’s 100% doable)
  • How to stop micromanaging and seamlessly work with your team (even if they’re virtual)
  • The critical element often missing in the client vetting process
  • And much more