This week, on the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® podcast, we are replaying this classic episode because it was in our top three most popular with listeners.

Lourdes Fuentes Slater is the CEO of Karta Legal, a legal operations and law firm management consulting firm. Karta Legal provides independent advice to both law firms and legal departments on how to innovate using technology. Lourdes is a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, a process improvement methodology.

“When you’re starting your business, or when you have a small firm and you want to compete with the bigger fish, I think technology is the great equalizer,” says Lourdes.

She also reveals how to play bigger by leveraging technology…

  • How adjusting your processes can bring in more clients (and more profits)
  • Thinking beyond the laptop—A holistic approach to innovating your technology
  • How small firms can embrace technology to compete with the “big boys”
  • Why digital transformation is the key to a profitable business
  • And much more