Regina Edwards experienced rapid growth when she first started her law firm – but the pace of work was unsustainable… even with eight employees. Even though she was making bank with her big firm, her overhead had her working around the clock. And none of it was making her happy.


Before things went totally off the rails, Regina decided to scale back and take a “mini-retirement.” She chucked it all and moved to Scottsdale. By the time she came back to Atlanta, she was refreshed and had a new mindset that transformed not only her practice, but her life.

Now, she’s virtually a lone ranger, with no full-time employees, only virtual assistants, lots of systems and automation, and a whole lot of satisfied clients. More importantly, she’s happier and healthier than ever.


We talk about why she opted for this new business model and the steps it took to get there, as well as…


  • Why she prefers legal work to running a business
  • How she manages to take month-long vacations (and live in one state while practicing in another)
  • Strategies for working effectively with virtual paralegals
  • When rapid business growth goes bad – and how to fix it
  • Resources readily available for those looking to take the solo to CEO journey that teach you how to avoid the pitfalls many newcomers fall into