Rebecca Kitson worked in restaurants while working her way through law school. Little did she realize a conversation with one of her co-workers would change the course of her life forever, setting her on the path to her life’s work as an immigration attorney and founder of one of the largest law firms in New Mexico.


During our conversation, she shares how she got started, how she survived the lean start-up years, the philosophy she believes to be the key to the firm’s success, and the work she had to do on herself to move her firm to the next level.


Tune in to find out…

  • The biggest hiring mistakes she made – and what she does to avoid them today
  • The number one challenge she faces in growing her firm, and how she’s dealt with it
  • How she avoided getting overwhelmed with work, even at the beginning
  • A strategy she used to establish goodwill with her target market early on
  • And more