In today’s episode, we chat with marketing manager and podcast host, Paul Julius. Paul works with Consultwebs, a digital marketing company for lawyers and law firms, offering SEO and PPC services. Paul’s podcast, Lawsome, provides legal industry insights and access to the best experts in law firm development while maintaining a humorous edge.

“It’s just a matter of knowing how to establish your brand, and be consistent with your brand, and make sure you’re in the right spot,” says Paul, on the key idea of marketing. It sounds simple, but oftentimes, there’s a bit more to it than just that, as Paul will explain.

We’ll chat with Paul about how to approach marketing (no matter your budget), what lawyers typically struggle with, as well as…

  • ROI and tracking metrics (and why it’s important)

  • What the marketing consulting process looks like

  • What you should be doing when it comes to marketing

  • Why branding is essential (and why brand reinforcement is even more so)

  • How advertising changes depending on the type of law you practice

  • SEO vs. PPC

  • And more