In this episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® podcast, we welcome Nequosha Anderson, Founder and CEO of Anderson Law Firm in Orlando, FL. After leaving private law to work in government so she could secure better benefits for her growing family, Nequosha finally made her way back to her true passion—running her own law firm and helping other entrepreneurs protect their big business ideas and brands.

Listen in as we discuss…

  • The key driver behind every law firm business decision she makes (Hint: it’s all about the client experience)
  • Why she loves practicing virtually
  • How a background in tech and computer science led her to the law
  • Benefits of integrating technology and innovative tools into your law business
  • Advice for lawyers who have tech anxiety or aren’t “good with technology”
  • The catalyst for her implementation of a no-free-lunch consultation policy
  • How enforcing boundaries is built into her business model
  • How Nequosha has leveraged guest podcasting to help her grow her law firm business

And much more!

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