Law school teaches you a lot… but nothing about running a business – that’s your law practice. You want a great income and an enjoyable lifestyle, while doing fulfilling work. 


But to have that thriving business, you need to start thinking like an entrepreneur. 


Neil Tyra specializes in helping struggling lawyers scale up their practices so they can have the careers – and lives – they’ve always dreamed of. He’s also a practicing attorney, so he knows firsthand the challenges facing lawyer entrepreneurs… and how to overcome them. 


We talk about the common myths of business ownership among lawyers, the importance of systems and technology, and more, including:


  • How to hire the employees you really need (and leverage outsourcing)
  • Ways to create a flexible schedule not tied to the courthouse
  • Why you should think about starting a podcast 
  • The biggest mistakes start-up law firms make 
  • And more