Our guest on this week’s Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Podcast is attorney and business consultant, Nakia Gray, the CEO and Founder of Nakia Gray Legal P.C., a modern and virtual law firm helping creative entrepreneurs and artists establish a brand and build a profitable business by protecting and leveraging their creative work. Nakia is also the Founder of Beyond the Bar Institute, a personal branding and online marketing consultancy for attorneys who are ready to leverage the internet to build their own brand, attract more clients and create a freedom-based law firm.

We chat about why she left the fashion industry to become a lawyer and, ultimately, an online entrepreneur, as well as:

  • Why she left Big Law to start her own business
  • How she built a business model that worked for her family
  • Best practices for (and challenges of) hiring remote workers
  • Tips for taking your law firm 100% virtual 
  • The power of business coaching
  • And more.