Michele Lebron didn’t inherit a pot of gold. What she did inherit from her grandmother, a paralegal of 50 years, was an undeniable work ethic and a love for the law. When Michele was only a child, her grandmother would take her to the law office where she worked and let her “work” with her, which led her to eventually getting a “real job” in that same office, becoming a paralegal herself and then, eventually, fulfilling her life-long dream of becoming an attorney.


But that wasn’t enough for Michele. More than anything, she wanted to be her own boss, and to create a prosperous and happy life she knew her grandmother always wanted for her.


It took re-writing old money stories in her head, overcoming old fears and stepping out on faith, but she did it and now not only runs a successful law firm, but she’s even invested in her dream home, her first office building, and a boat and resort-style pool so she can fully enjoy the Florida lifestyle.

In this episode, Michele shares with us how she accomplished all of this and much more, including…

  • The network she turns to for advice – and two people she says are essential to any startup
  • How to handle the “business” side of your law practice
  • The power of narrowing your niche (and what happens when you don’t)
  • What she does – and doesn’t do – to keep employees “happy” and motivated
  • Why facing your fears is so important in your approach to business