You only get one chance to make a good first impression, as the old saying goes. For a law firm, that boils down to the initial contact a potential client has with you. How that interaction goes can make all the difference when it comes to whether they hire you or not.


Maddy Martin, head of education and growth at, a Silicon Valley-based reception company, provides a service that can help you capture more potential leads coming, as well as maintain good relationships with current clients, not to mention help with scheduling, basic intake, and more. offers virtual receptionists for live calls, live chats through your website, and even text messaging…backed up by machine learning and artificial intelligence. 


It may be a good way for your firm to cost-effectively improve productivity and customer service… and increase profitability as a result. 


We chat about the technology behind these services, privacy and security, and more, including…

  • How to cut down on doing work for clients for free
  • Why “live chat” on your website and texting with clients can be so effective 
  • How to get paid without having to personally ask clients for money
  • Why your paralegal is probably doing too much right now and what to do about it
  • And more