On this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast, we speak with special guest, Liz Wendling. Liz is the founder of Liz Wendling Business Consulting and Sales Coaching and works with executives, consultants, and attorneys to help them improve their sales skills. She is also the author of two books for attorneys, The Rainmaking Mindset for Attorneys and Consultations That Convert, and is a sought after speaker on these topics. 

“I always knew what I wanted to do in my business, and that was to teach people the best way that they can do business development, sales, and rainmaking for themselves— a way that aligned with who they were the skills that they weren’t taught in law school to develop what, I believe, is needed in every practice. Every attorney needs to know how to sell themselves and their services and align with the way the new consumer buys legal services.”

We chat about Liz’s experiences as a “secret shopper” for law firms, as well as:

  • Doing away with outdated sales language—and the phrases no one wants to hear

  • Sales training for attorneys

  • How to demonstrate value to potential clients

  • Common mistakes made during consultations and sales conversations

  • And more