In today’s episode, we sit down with Kristen Robinson, partner at Mellin Robinson for over 18 years. Mellin Robinson is a family law firm serving clients in Troy, Michigan, and the surrounding area. They’re particularly well known for their creative solutions to clients’ problems and for their collaborative approach. 

Aside from working in her firm, Kristen also speaks frequently within her community and through online channels. “I try to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way to get out in front of people,” says Kristen who is passionate about serving more family law clients. 

We’ll chat with Kristen about how being involved with your community can be the best kind of marketing, the challenges with growing a firm, as well as…

  • The importance of procedures and how to implement them 

  • The hiring process (and making sure you’ve found the best candidate)

  • Kristen’s plans for growing the firm

  • Retirement plans for attorneys

  • How to get speaking engagements

  • And more