On this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast, we interview Kelly Forst, Founder and CEO of Forst Law Firm, about her experience in running a law firm in two states. Kelly is a leading collaborative law attorney. Since 2000, she and her team have helped hundreds of clients navigate their separation, divorce, child custody, and estate planning matters. Two years ago, Kelly expanded her firm, and while she continues to operate in New York, she now lives and works primarily in Orlando, Florida, with an office in Celebration.

We chat about how she got her start as an attorney and law firm owner, and the reason she chose to expand into two states, as well as:

  • What was behind her decision to pursue collaborative law

  • Why respect and compassion are so important in her work with clients

  • Her biggest challenges (to date) as an attorney

  • Important lessons she’s learned along the way

  • And more