Can you do good work in the community and still run a profitable, wealth-generating law firm? Katherine Mazaheri Franze has proven the answer is “yes.” In fact, a passion for service is a requirement to work at her law firm, as is compassion for those the firm serves, individuals seeking divorce or representation in employment discrimination cases.


But, make no mistake: Mazaheri Franze is not operating a charity. Far from it. She’s running a successful, woman-owned, all-female-attorney-staffed law firm that’s taking Oklahoma City by storm.


Tune in to learn how she does it as well as… 

  • How she combines contingency cases with a retainer practice for steady cash flow
  • A unique way to incentivize and pay employees – and play to their strengths and values
  • Why she believes that you can do “good” and still make money
  • The reason hiring employees with strengths similar to your own is self-sabotage
  • How having a team as passionate and dedicated to your cause as you are can exponentially boost growth and success