On this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast, we speak with Karin Conroy, Founder and Creative Director of Conroy Creative Counsel. Conroy Creative Counsel is dedicated to creating smart, strategic websites for the law firm industry and providing clients with insightful marketing strategies to support their goals. 

Karin says, “There’s constant evolution and change in marketing; there’s never going to be a textbook answer from one point in time that’s going to apply forever. The way we talk to clients is different than it was in 2007 and the way we approach positioning and technology is a completely different ball of wax. I’ve relearned how to make a website I can’t even count how many times over. So, I think the thing to focus on is that things change. And yes, you can really get it right and good right now, but you need to be aware of how things might be different a year or two from now.”

We speak about Karin’s journey, as well as:

  • The evolution of web design and digital marketing

  • Helping clients build unique brand identities

  • The importance of integrating a call to action on your website and in your marketing

  • Why continually refreshing your website and marketing is a necessity

  • And more