On this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer®️ Podcast, we are joined by Jessica Medina, a former Big Law attorney who gave up the velvet handcuffs in favor of following her dreams. The decision was not an easy one, says the Columbia Law grad, because at the time, she also was shackled with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. And, she was a single mother of twin babies.

Jessica shares with us how she made it work, and why she chose to become an Accredited Financial Counselor (hint: she wants to teach other lawyers how to free themselves from the Big Law grind and live the life of their dreams).

Jessica shares with us her journey, where it led her, and…

  • The importance of finding what you love and following that path
  • What she wishes she had known before she pursued a law degree
  • A plan for building wealth without worrying about student loan debt
  • Why your “why” is so important
  • And more