Jennifer Lancaster met her future husband in law school. Once they married, he almost took a job in Big Law, but Jennifer knew her new husband’s dream was to return to his hometown of Benton, Arkansas to open his own law firm, so she encouraged him to do just that. He said he wouldn’t do it without her. That led them to open The Lancaster Firm.


With an MBA as well as her law license in her back pocket, and the guidance of a helpful mentor, Jennifer took to running the business and starting her own bankruptcy practice, while her husband focused on the other areas of practice.

Nine years later, they’ve grown their firm and their family. The key to their success in business, so far, she says is keeping an open mind about processes, and technology. For instance, some of their employees, including paralegals, work remotely and part-time.

 Jennifer talks about the systems that make it possible, as well as…

  • Their “assembly line” approach to paralegal work
  • A trick for turning negative experiences into chances to learn and grow
  • Why sometimes it’s a good idea to turn down an “ideal” job offer
  • Leveraging technology to maintain a hybrid remote/in-office workforce
  • And more