On this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Podcast, we sit down with Jenna Zebrowski. Jenna has over a decade’s worth of experience as an attorney working with leasing, franchise, mortgages, and more, and she is a landlord, investor, and property manager herself. Jenna knows better than anyone that the key to building wealth is in investing and networking. 

“The point is to meet this one key person who can elevate your game, elevate your networking, take you where you need to go and get you to that next level, and networking and connecting with these people on a personal level,” says Jenna. 

Jenna tells us about how she found real estate as the law sector that spoke most to her talents, desires, and lifestyle, as well as:

  • Strategies to build a base of ideal clients
  • Networking in a virtual world 
  • Investment lessons to learn from real estate crises 
  • Advice for getting started within the real estate market
  • Getting help to reach success
  • And much more.