On this week’s Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Podcast, we speak with Jacquette M. Timmons, the President and CEO of Sterling Investment Management. Jacquette is a Financial Behaviorist who is committed to helping others manage their choices around money more effectively. She is also the author of Financial Intimacy: How to Create Healthy Relationships with Your Money and Your Mate. Her work has been featured on Sirius XM, Good Morning America, CNN, NPR, and The Wall Street Journal.

We chat with Jacquette about the four ways to best utilize your money, as well as:

  • The habits that differentiate being rich from sustainable wealth
  • The three pathways to achieve lasting financial wealth
  • The various dimensions of wealth to consider in order to seek fulfillment
  • The reluctance of reverse-engineering the number you want to see saved
  • Being careful about assumptions— roles and responsibilities in relationships
  • And more.