On this week’s Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Podcast, we speak with Ivy Grey, the Vice President of Strategy & Business Development for WordRake, legal document editing software. Prior to joining the team at WordRake and delving into the legal technology world, Ivy practiced bankruptcy law for 10 years. She was recently named a 2020 Influential Woman in Legal Tech by the International Legal Technology Association. Ivy has also been recognized as a Fastcase 50 honoree and has been included on the Women of Legal Tech list by the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center.

We chat about Ivy’s path to becoming an attorney and then leaving practice to pursue a career in legal tech. We also discuss:

  • How Scotch and Swing Dancing played a significant role in her career development (and how it can help you)
  • How WordRake improves legal writing and other law firm writing like employee handbooks, blog articles, and more
  • Why WordRake might be right not only for the lawyers in the firm, but staff as well
  • The importance of tech security when selecting tech tools
  • And much more.