On this week’s Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast, we’re joined by Heinan Landa, Founder, and CEO of Optimal Networks, Inc., a globally ranked IT services firm. After earning his BS and MS in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University, Heinan went on to receive his MBA from the Wharton School of Business. Featured in Legal Management, Legal Times, Chief Executive Inc. Magazine, Forbes, CIO, and with regular appearances on WJLA-TV, WTTG-TV, and WUSA9, Heinan is a trusted leader in the legal technology and business spaces.

We chatted with Heinan about all things tech for the legal industry, particularly the changes in law firm tech he has been observing since the global pandemic began. 

Heinan says, “During the first month or two of the lock-down, we had a lot of very quick implementations of Teams, Slack, and Zoom. Following that was a lot of discussion on taking a firm’s culture into the digital world to make people feel connected to their co-workers because that’s what people were missing the most. Operationally, they were good: they were able to work on documents, they could call clients, they could do whatever they needed to do. But, it was all of a sudden this feeling of being disconnected from their teammates that they needed. That became the big topic of discussion.”

We also discussed:

  • Heinan’s book, The Modern Law Firm: How to Thrive in an Era of Rapid Technological Change
  • Transitioning the culture of your firm into a digital space

  • The security issues that arise from distributed team members working from home

  • The importance of a reliable IT team to your firm

  • And more