For some lawyers, being an attorney, itself, is a calling. For others, the area of practice defines them. For Heather Quick, not only was she called to serve as a divorce attorney, helping her clients through one of the most trying times of their lives, she knew early on she was called, specifically to work with women only.

We discuss her bold business strategy, and how it’s informed every aspect of her practice. 


Tune in to get all the details on that, as well as… 

  • A person who was instrumental in getting the new business off the ground
  • The role of branding in reaching her ideal clients (and what made her rethink her strategy)
  • Non-legal  training she needed before she could start a successful firm  
  • What she considers the most important thing to invest in when first starting out  
  • The details of her scrupulous and highly-effective hiring process