On this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast, we speak with Genny Castellanos, the Founder and CEO of De Novo Review. De Novo Review is a dynamic legal staffing company dedicated to providing high-caliber, experienced attorneys and paralegals for complex litigation and appellate research, drafting, and courtroom work. 

Genny says, “I worked at a firm handling litigation, and I was always the go-to attorney for complex litigation and writing, and I also brought something unique to the firm; I was an out of the box thinker. That was the birthplace of De Novo Review, in that, during that work experience, I looked at it and thought: How sustainable is this billable hours structure of 2000 hours? Is this the most effective way for law firms to be using their people resources? Are we really strategically placing people to do what they’re best at?” 

We chat about Genny’s journey to founding De Novo Review, as well as:

  • Rethinking the work-life balance in the legal industry

  • How De Novo recruits and curates its team to ensure client satisfaction

  • The advantages of “white labelling” legal operations

  • How law firms can benefit from the use of a staffing service

  • And more