Felicia Bunbury, founder of The FAB Law Firm, is selective about the clients she takes on. In fact, she rejects potential business all the time, she says, sometimes even “scaring away” unsuitable clients she knows won’t be a good fit for her firm.

It’s just one of the aspects of her non-traditional firm that makes it unique. We talk about this philosophy and others that make this self-described unicorn lawyer different but effective for the clients she does work with from her 100% virtual office in Florida and New York.

And we discuss how she’s been profitable since day one.

We delve into…

  • Her business first, law firm second attitude 
  • Why too many lawyers sell themselves short – and don’t even realize it 
  • How she uses her branding to attract ideal, high quality clients 
  • A vital skill most lawyers are missing – it’s something they don’t teach in law school
  • And more