You’re in for a value-packed episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast today as we sit down with special guest Evelyn Ackah, founder and CEO of Ackah Business Immigration Law, with offices in Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto. Evelyn’s firm focuses exclusively on immigration law, specifically helping clients seamlessly cross borders for personal and business reasons. 

“Our firm’s focus is to be a firm that helps empower people to pursue their dreams and passions by providing freedom of movement and opportunity,” says Evelyn.

We chat with Evelyn about how she planned and implemented her firm’s growth, as well as… 

  • The steps the firm took to scale

  • Balancing being a single mom and a CEO

  • How getting clear on your mission and your brand is critical to achieving your growth goals

  • The double-edged sword that is social media— and why you need to take the plunge anyway

  • And more