Ernie Svenson, or “Ernie the Attorney” as he is affectionately called by friends, colleagues and clients, is a pioneer in taking advantage of technology to run a remote practice. Before going out on his own, he attempted to persuade his law partners of the power of innovation in technology to attract an audience of ideal clients. If fact, his law blog was one of the first—and one of a kind.


Today, Ernie the Attorney shares with his clients, and other attorneys, how the right combination of systems, automation and outsourcing can help you create your dream practice and run it from anywhere in the world. 


In this episode, we discuss some of Ernie’s top technology must-haves to attract, retain and serve new clients while still enjoying the work you love. We also discuss… 

  • Automation tricks that can save you hours of time
  • The scheduling tool every lawyer needs
  • 3+ reasons you should start a podcast
  • How to set up a remote office your clients will love
  • And more