Kristie A. Scott is the founder and principal attorney of Light Path Law, a Fort Myers, Florida-based law firm. Light Path Law practices in church, business, labor and employment law, and civil and business litigation and has scaled to become a million-dollar law firm in less than three years.

In this episode of Wealthy Woman Lawyer®, Davina interviews law firm owner, Kristie Scott about the rapid growth and success of her law firm business. Listen in to discover the steps Kristie took to scale quickly while still providing high-level service to her clients, and the secret ingredient that allowed her to transition from 5-figure months to 6-figure months.

Show Highlights:

  • Kristie A. Scott’s path to the legal field and how she ultimately discovered her niche
  • Her family’s entrepreneurial background, its influence on her decision to open her own practice, and the early days of hiring and growing the firm
  • The struggles Kristie experienced that led her to join the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® League
  • Kristie’s process when an employee isn’t a great fit for her firm
  • Her advice for an attorney who wants to scale her business and stop being solo and how making those changes can have a positive impact financially

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