Today’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Podcast will be brief because this afternoon, I’ll be presenting my most popular training: “3 Critical Strategies My Women Law Firm Owner Clients Deploy to Build $1M+ Law Firms Without Overwork and Overwhelm.” I want you to hop over to that because I think it’s a powerful training that will give you more than a few lightbulb moments.

It’s still possible to register and attend. We start at 3 p.m. EDT today, June 6th. I hope to see you there.

So, let’s get into today’s topic: This One Shift Can Get You to $1M.

I know right now you are probably thinking: “Davina, you are crazy. There’s no one thing I can do to scale my law firm to a million dollars! There are a million things I have to do to reach that goal.”

I hear you. If you are like most of my women law firm owner clients when they first start working with me—or like me way back in the day when I started my first law firm business—you have a very long to-do list that seems to grow faster than you can check things off on it.

Listen in as I share:

  • What you are probably doing now that you think you need to do more of and what you should be doing instead.
  • The reason I love a good list, how it can hurt your business, and how, if you are a list lover like me, you can use list-making more effectively.
  • Three questions you should ask yourself about your list of “to-do’s” if you want to make more money while working fewer hours
  • The one shift you can begin making today to get you to $1M faster
  • The right way and the wrong way to make that shift
  • One of the biggest mistakes women law firm owners are making as managers is that they don’t realize they are making (and what to do to correct this).
  • Three questions to ask yourself to improve your workflow systems (and remove yourself as the clog in your pipeline).
  • How to get my exact, step-by-step law firm growth blueprint—one that’s helped hundreds of women law firm owners scale their law firm businesses.
  • And much more! (I cram a lot of value in 8 minutes!)

Links to Love:

Join me in my upcoming training—it’s my most popular one yet. It’s called “3 Critical Strategies My Women Law Firm Owner Clients Deploy to Build $1M+ Law Firms Without Overwork and Overwhelm,” and you can register by clicking here. We start at 3 p.m. EDT TODAY, June 6th!