In today’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Podcast, I want to share with you five skills I acquired that I believe made me a better business owner than I was when I started my entrepreneurial journey.

I’m also going to share with you WHY I think they made me a better business owner because that’s important as well.  Just adopting someone else’s methods or ideas on a subject without understanding why they are doing it that way will not help you. Understanding the ‘why’ behind business practices empowers you to make informed decisions and take control of your business.

Listen in as I share…

  • Why it’s important to understand why someone does what they do (what they get out of it).
  • Why I see opportunities all around me every day (yes, even in my inbox) and how that serves me
  • Why I’m grateful I went to law school and became an attorney and how it serves me as a business owner (but also, the downside)
  • The one skill that is required to make anything happen and the advantage people who possess it have over those who do not.
  • The skill that helps me to minimize fear and anxiety when things do not go the way I envision they will (this one has helped me to survive the inevitable ups and downs in my business)
  • The most important skill to have if you want to make a career as an entrepreneur and business owner (and it’s also been the hardest one for me to master)
  • How to get started if you want to hone your leadership skills and be a better law firm owner
  • And much more!

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