In today’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® podcast, I enjoyed chatting with Deb Feder, CEO of Feder Development, LLC. Deb is a business development coach focused on helping lawyers and leaders build outstanding careers.

Deb’s approach focuses on turning conversations and connections into opportunities while managing the demands of modern careers. She loves helping lawyers and industry professionals bring in consistent clients through curious, confident conversations. Using LinkedIn as a platform to validate and share ideas, Deb helps professionals across industries engage in meaningful content and connections.

Prior to founding Feder Development, Deb practiced corporate law for 15 years and holds a history degree from the University of Michigan and her JD/MBA from the University of Iowa.

Her latest book, After Hello: How to Build a Book of Business One Conversation at a Time, is a guide to building a thriving law practice. It shows leaders and legal professionals how to fill their practice with clients who pick them as their trusted advisors because of their expertise and unique approach

Listen in as Deb and I discuss:

  • How she serves lawyers and other industry leaders in developing their practices through confident conversations.
  • The factors that go into ascertaining who your ideal clients are.
  • Insight into her book “After Hello: How to Build a Book of Business One Conversation at a Time.”
  • Why “transactional” is out and relationships are in (Hint: It’s not as hard as you think to form and maintain high-quality business relationships).
  • Why sometimes your best referrers are not your ideal clients.
  • Why (and how) you can skip the networking luncheons, coffee meet-ups and cocktail parties and still cultivate good business relationships.
  • How to use social platforms (LinkedIn is her fave for professionals) to deepen relationships with referrers and others.
  • Why perfectionism may be keeping you from getting the most out of LinkedIn (and what you should focus on instead).
  • Why it’s important to put “you” into your social media, even if you have a social media manager or PR team helping you.
  • “Curious, confident” conversations, what they are and how you can use them to your advantage in business networking.
  • And much more!

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