In today’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® podcast, I interview Tessa Muir. Tessa Muir 
is a lawyer partner, mom, stepmom, wife, and real estate investor.

While balancing a hectic law career as a federal prosecutor, then as an in-house lawyer for a large tech company, and now as a law partner at a criminal defense firm, she built a successful real estate portfolio on the side.

It all started as she was getting further along in her career, and she realized that the harder she worked, she was not really “getting ahead” financially. She started researching real estate to build lasting, snowballing generational wealth.

While still managing a busy full-time law career, Tessa launched Invest on the Side LLC in 2024
to help other high-achieving professional women learn how to unlock the power of real estate.
Investing… without stepping back from their careers, building themselves a second job,
swinging a hammer, or fixing broken toilets. 

Listen in as Tessa and I discuss:

  • Her journey from ROTC to JAG to Federal Prosecutor to In-House Attorney to Partner in a Criminal Defense Firm
  • Her “buy-in” process for partnership in the Criminal Defense Law Firm
  • What led her to initiate her side hustle into real estate investment
  • The pros and cons of long-term, short-term term and commercial real estate investments—and which one is her fave
  • The details of her first deal
  • Her secret to getting good tenants (she’s only had one bad one to date!)
  • How (and why) she invested in her first short-term rental with a partner
  • How she prepares for major repairs (and the little things that crop up all year long)
  • Why she never repairs anything herself and says you don’t need handywoman skills to be a landlady
  • Why she prefers her local lending company over big banks
  • What she didn’t do until her third or fourth property but wishes she had done with the first
  • Her mindset strategy and her practical strategy from being a landlord
  • Why she thinks real estate is a great investment, even in the current economic climate
  • And much more!

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